Frequently Asked Questions


What Currency are the Prices?

All products on are priced in Hong Kong Dollars ($ HKD) since we’re based in Hong Kong. Customers located outside of Hong Kong shall see the total amount charged on their bank statement in the default currency of the adopted bank.

For reference only, 1 USD ~ 7.8 HKD. Please use the exchange rate at the date of purchase.


What is the Battery Life? How to replace?

The battery for a new wristwatch shall will sustain at least 2 years. Common button-cell battery is used for all wristwatch models (including Traveler), hence the battery can easily be bought and replaced.


Is it Water-Resistant?

All wristwatch models have a water-resistance level of 3ATM. Meaning that there is no concern with your normal daily use such as hand washing, shower and swimming (not diving).


Will the Components fall off easily?

The timepiece is assembled from the components below:

  • Watch Head (from the Model: Traveler). We have repeatedly studied on the structure and proud to deliver this patented structure that it requires a certain amount of force to detach the watch head from the platform.
  • Adjustable Strap from all models. The Adjustable Strap is convenient for length adjustment purpose, but this does not affect normal daily wear as the composition is designed to allow the Strap Links to connect firmly together.
  • nanoblocks. The timepieces are designed so that it can be modified by your desired arrangement and pattern with the nanoblocks. Compared to the other components, the nanoblocks are relatively easier detach. However, we have included extra nanoblocks in every products to ensure that it has enough for you.


What is your International Shipping Policy?

Not only that we support worldwide shipping.
Depending on your country, we also offer FREE standard international shipping for orders over a specific amount via International Courier services to most countries.

After each successful order received, the order will be processed and to be picked up by courier within 2 working days. We will inform you once your order has been dispatched, along with Delivery Tracking No. (if applicable).


What is your Warranty Policy?

We provide 1 year warranty for all timepieces subject to manufacturing defect from date of purchase. Meaning that it is our full responsibility to cover the defects from mechanical and manufacturing.

The parts that are covered by the warranty (internal components/mechanism):

  • Dial
  • Hands
  • Movement

The parts that are not covered by the warranty (parts due to worn out after time):

  • Strap and Crown
  • Scratches or Damages to Glass or Case
  • Worn out battery
  • Damage from lack of care and accidents.


Do you provide Special Design and Gift Premium Services?

We love to design and we’d love to hear from you!
From generating one timepiece design to mass production, we are very happy to help you work out the designs and plan out the arrangements.
Do not hesitate to contact us: